Winner of the Sportinnovatorprice 2020

SportsImproVR brings Virtual Reality to your training facility

Whether it is a tennis court, baseball diamond or other location, Virtual Reality is the perfect extension to your regular training.

Why SportsImproVR?

Direct visual feed forward & feedback
Fully controllable
Exceed limitations of the real world
Personalized monitoring and benchmarking
Save costs and materials
Add value for a club
Easily accessible


With Virtual Reality you can improve technique, work on tactics and observation and prepare mentally for your games. Even strength and agility drills can be done with Virtual Reality, and they can be made fun by doing them in a playful way in a inspiring environment. To train with Virtual Reality you don't need a playing field, good weather or a coach or teammate to help you; players can practice by themselves whenever they want. Since everything is controlled by computers, all actions are measurable, giving athletes and coaches insight in results and progress. Virtual Reality also brings possibilities that defy the laws of real world physics. Suspending a ball in midair? No problem in VR! It also allows you to do a drill over and over again in exactly the same conditions, whereas in the real world a ball thrown or hit at you will always vary in speed, height, spin, etc.

This makes Virtual Reality training an effective, fun, low­level and inspiring way to train. For any target group, from kids that are just starting with a sport to top athletes that are looking for those small refinements to beat the competition.

Our Virtual Reality trainings

SportsImproVR in action

Let's get started with VR training!

SportsImproVR has an extensive set of workouts for the beginner to the Pros. Here we offer affordable Virtual Reality training for every target group..
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