Our Virtual Reality softball training provides a wide range of drills to improve your game. Hitting, fielding, pitching and reaction speed, everything is available for you. You can practice using the HTC Vive controller, but also using a tracker on your own bat. With additional trackers on your hip and feet you can even use your full body in VR. Your own player profile keeps track of your results and progress over time.

The training is made for both fastpitch and slowpitch softball


The batting practice drill offers possibilities that go beyond what is possible in the real world. Of course you can select the speed, spin and location of the pitch, but you can also make the ball invisible on a part of the path to homeplate. The path of your bat is recorded so after a swing you can immediately see how you did it. With the eyetracking option als your gaze is recorded, so you can check what you looked at; the pitcher or the ball at release? And when you hit did you already look at the homerun fence?

In addition there is a shutterglasses option. This blocks your view for short periods of time during the pitch, which improves your anticipation about the ball trajectory. Other hitting drills cover bunting and spin recognition. Also hitting from a multifunctional tee is included. Select the position where you want to hit the ball relative to the plate, select the height and the direction you want to practice. Then make sure you hit all five balls lined up behind each other to force your swing in that direction.


The fielding module provides a basic throw and catch drill for young kids that may be afraid of the ball. The speed and range can be increased gradually to build their confidence. And a full-fledged drill that lets you practice groundballs and flyballs at your own position. Speed and range left/right are adjustable so you can make it as hard for yourself as you want. The results are stored in your player profile so you can check your progress. In addition there is a shutterglasses option. This blocks your view for short periods of time, which improves your anticipation about the ball trajectory.


Mechanics, armspeed, legdrive and focus. All important parts of the pitching motion are available in this module. Improve your mechanics using a virtual bicycle wheel next to you, work on your armspeed by catching up on a fast moving ball or work on your focus by blurring the sound and vision around you. For the legdrive drill you need the additional trackers. This drill challenges you to jump as far as you can.


How fast are you with your hand to the ball? This drill helps you practice this. Either with a grid of stationary balls right in front of you or with balls coming towards you. Size of the grid and speed of the balls is adjustable. And your results are stored in your player profile.