Practice calling balls and strikes at home plate. You can select the speed and location, add a random variation to it. Or switch to random mode where the system selects the location. Switch between lefthanded and righthanded batters. Use it in practice mode where you get feedback during the pitch or in game mode where you can check your call after the pitch.

First base

Work on your calls at first base. The runner comes from homeplate and the throw from shortstop. In practice mode you can select if the runner is safe or out and by what margin. In game mode the system determines the result. Sound effects of the foot on the base and the ball in the glove provide an even more realistic training environment. The system records the runner, the ball and the umpire position and the action can be played back afterwards to check your call and your position when making the call. Playback speed is adjustable and you can scroll back and forth manually.