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Training with the SportsImproVR software or are you looking for a custom solution or are you looking for a one-off VR experience? This is possible at SportsImproVR in different ways, you can choose from:

The VR-system

All our VR-applications are developed for 2 VR-systems: :

Oculus Quest2

  • Players at home / Trainer
  • Simple VR - Experience
    • (simple, quick and easy in use)

HTC Vive Pro Eye

  • Academy
  • Extended VR - Experience
    • (extended version, full body tracking, eye tracking, analysis, reports)


You have the SportsImproVR software on your own VR-system. A license is purchased for each sport with a duration of 1 year. with the following payment options: :

HTC Vive Pro Eye Sports training (license)

For our training courses tennis, baseball, softball and slow pitch the license costs are:

  • Yearly €. 750,00
  • Per month 12x €. 75,00

If you want a license but do not yet own a VR-system, then a VR-system must be purchased in addition to the above software (Oculus Quest2 or an HTC Vive Pro Eye with a powerful PC or laptop). We can provide you with free advice and information about this.

Oculus Quest 2 sports training (license)

For the Oculus Quest 2, the license costs for VR training (tennis, baseball, softball and slow pitch) have been adjusted because this headset does not have Eyetracking and because of the lower cost price of the Oculus Quest 2, multiple headsets are often purchased.

  • Yearly €. 500,00
  • Per month 12x €. 50,00

Multi license

The costs for multiple licenses are subject to mutual agreement

Umpire course (HTC Vive Pro and Oculus Quest 2)

The license fees for the umpire training (baseball, softball and slow pitch) for both the HTC Vive Pro Eye and Oculus Quest 2 are:

  • Yearly €. 149,50
  • Per month 12x €. 14,95

Training on location

You want a VR experience but do not (yet) decide to purchase a VR-system and license, then we will gladly come to you with one of our VR-systems so that you can still experience the unlimited possibilities and ultimate experience.

To train and improving your players on your club through Virtual Reality is new, progressive and unknown. If you first want to see whether Virtual Reality is something for you and whether it fits within your vision, we would be happy to support your training with one trainer-coach for your branch of sport with our VR-systems.

VR-experience for companies and schools

Also companies and schools can try. If you first want to see if Virtual Reality is something for you and whether it fits within your vision, company or education, then we would be happy to provide a session with our VR systems on location with a VR training of your choice or with a tailor-made solution. created VR experience (such as an open day, guest lecturer, workshop or introduction day).

  • 1x 3 hours €. 275,00
  • 1x (entire) day €. 500,00
  • 1x week-end (saturday - sunday) €. 900,00
  • Customized solution (will be quoted after mutual consultation)

Recurring VR training on location or a VR experience

If your company or association has recurring events at which we come to you to support you with our VR training courses, we have a suitable solution for this. We fix the dates and times so that you get priority over individual bookings. This guarantees you our presence.

  • 4x per year, 3 hours a day
    • €. 800,00 (the amount is divided into 12 monthly terms)
  • 12x per year, 3 hours a day
    • €. 2.000,00 (the amount is divided into 12 monthly terms)
  • Deviating data
    • will be quoted after mutual consultation.

Rental / Installment

If you do not yet have the budget to purchase your own VR system, there is the option of renting a VR system from us or buying it on installment. Mail or call us if you want to make use of this option. Then we will always find a suitable solution for you.

  • The above prices are exclusive
    • 21% tax.
    • Travel expenses €. 0,19 / km
    • Travel time is calculated per location
  • Inclusive :
    • Software installation on one of the 2 VR systems
    • Instructions VR training
    • Intermediate Updates

Development & Concept Creator

If you have an idea or concept that needs to be converted into a VR experience, we would be happy to come to you to share our expertise and make a non-binding quote. SportsImproVR has been a pioneer in the fantastic and limitless world of Virtual Reality since 2016. We implement the very latest VR gadgets in our software so that we can support you with:

  • Advice on purchasing a VR system that fits the application.
  • Designing, elaborating and making new concepts according to your wishes and input from the customer.
  • Software Development (customized solution using the Unity game-engine).
  • Motion Capture with Xsens Equipment.
  • Full body tracking and Eye tracking.